Drift in the sea

What is a drift, and how can you protect yourself from the dangers at sea

.The sea is a huge and dangerous place
.On the one hand, the sea can be relaxing, but on the other hand, the sea can also be deadly
.The first step a surfer should take is to understand the dangers of the sea, as well as what he can do to prevent them from happening
.Surfing offers many benefits, but it also involves risks that must be considered before you go surfing waves in the sea
.There are dangers you must know about before you start surfing, from eddies, holes, and currents

Wave forecast

A guide to reading wave forecasts

Each surfer before each session checks the wave forecast to know if he should go surfing. There are so many variables that need to be known in order to read the wave forecast perfectly. That’s why we’re here to explain to you in the best way possible