What is a drift and how can you protect yourself from the dangers at sea​​​​

What is a drift

Drift and current are two natural phenomena related to the movement of water in the sea, and especially in the open sea. They can be formed due to temperature differences, due to the effect of the wind, due to the effect of the rains and more.

The drift is a phenomenon of moving water from one place to another due to the movement of air, heat or the strength of the sea waves. The drift consists of north and south currents that prevent the water from returning to its original place and will converge to a lower place. The drift can form almost anywhere in the sea, and can be very difficult for surfers, swimmers and diving photographers.

The current, on the other hand, is a phenomenon of the movement of water starting from a certain place and continuing along a certain route to another place. The current may be north, south, east or west and may affect the movement of the waves as well as the meeting of the water with the shore. The currents can be very strong and include current areas that move at high speeds, current points that have strong but more localized water movement

How to avoid and save yourself?

  1. תשומת לב לסביבה – כשמתגוררים בקרבת הים ובעצם על הגלים, חשוב להיות תמיד מודעים לסביבה. לפעמים, סחף או זרם עשוי להופיע מבלי שנרגיש את ההשפעה שלו עלינו ברגע הזה. לכן, חשוב לצפות על הגלים ולהתחשב בהשפעתם על הגולש והגלשן. טיפ נוסף: כדאי לבחור נקודה בחוף להסתכל עליה בכדי להבין כל הזמן איפה אנחנו ממוקמים ביחס למה שקבענו בהתחלה.