About the product

Board Pack

Tired of carrying yours surfboard?

It’s time to get to know Board Pack!

We thought about every surfer and his needs, that’s why we created Board Pack. The best carrier in the world designed for carrying surfboards/skateboards/carvers/cruisers of any size

This way you can take your board anywhere and anytime easily and comfortably, and among other things it can also be tied after arriving at the surfing site and is used to secure the product

Surfers who fly on surfing trips around the world no longer have to think about carrying the surfboard at the airport or even at the surfing sites in the world, you can carry the surfboard with our carrier with maximum comfort everywhere!

Why buy from us?

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How to use?


Height – 48 cm

Width – 20 cm


Height – 49 cm

Width – 78 cm


nylon fabric


only with dry cleaning or gentle washing