About us

Our story

We are Boaz and Oz, father and son from Netanya, Israel. Boaz, 58, is a jeweler, Krav Maga trainer, and someone who loves the sea. Oz, 22, bartender and surfer who likes to surf a lot on the beaches.

When Oz was a teenager, he would go surfing almost every morning. But because he didn’t have a driver’s license, the walk would take about half an hour each way. “I would arrive after a long surfing session and my hand would be ‘torn’ out of place after carrying the surfboard uncomfortably for a long time.”

Over time, Oz found a solution to tie the strap to his body. After a while, Oz and his father found a certain bag that provided a solution for carrying the surfboard on the back, but it was not practical.

Over the years, Oz and his father bought strips of fabric and started sewing on a simple school bag, trying all kinds of sewing, fabrics, and shapes until we arrived at a product that was designed excellently and uniquely for each surfer.

We created the final product with a 3D artist and started producing our unique carrier – Board Pack!

Our Goal

Our goal is to make it easier for the surfing community in Israel and around the world, to reach the surfing areas quickly, easily, safely, and maintain the energy for the surfing session.

Carrying options

One of the goals of Board Pack is to give the possibility to people who live near the beach but move around without a car during the day and to give them access to the surfing world. Using our carrier, you can walk with the surfboard in any way you choose: skateboard, scooter, bicycle, etc.